November 04, 2050

floating cyberspace junk cashed to earth

I realize it's been quite some since I last updated and I want to apologize. To just let this place gather dust without so much as an explanation is nothing short of poor form on my part. Life outside of the blogosphere has demanded more of my time than I imagined & I guess it's time to just face the music. I've continued to contribute to Barnaclepress, and I think that's where I will pour my energy (when I actually have some, that is). When we started Barnaclepress last year I foolishly believed there was enough of me to go around...but it's become all too obvious that this site is suffering.

I reserve the right to start this project up again whenever I feel like it, but I can't expect you to keep coming after this shoddy treatment. I appreciate all the kind words from readers over the years & hope that you'll understand it's not you - it's me. Best wishes and hope to see you over at Barnaclepress.

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